Fulton Financial Corporation: Committed to empowering the communities

Fulton Financial Corporation: Empowering Communities Through Financial Services:

Fulton Financial Corporation is an American financial holding company headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With a history of over 135 years, Fulton Financial Corporation has evolved into a trusted and reliable provider of financial services. Committed to empowering the communities it serves, Fulton Financial Corporation strives to make a positive impact through its diverse range of offerings.

When the Fulton National Bank was established

The roots of Fulton Financial Corporation can be traced back to June 5, 1882, when the Fulton National Bank was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Over the decades, the company expanded its operations and acquired other banks.

Five principal subsidiary banks

Today, Fulton Financial Corporation operates through five principal subsidiary banks: Fulton Bank, N.A., Fulton Bank of New Jersey, Lafayette Ambassador Bank, FNB Bank, N.A., and The Columbia Bank.

These banks serve customers in various regions across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. In addition to its banking subsidiaries, Fulton Financial Corporation also operates several other non-bank subsidiaries that provide specialized financial services.

Providing Innovative Products and Services:

1. Traditional Banking Services:

Fulton Financial Corporation offers a wide range of traditional banking services tailored to meet the needs of both individual customers and businesses. Fulton Financial Corporation provides customized financial solutions for companies such as commercial loans, cash management services, payroll services, and asset-based lending.

2. Wealth Management:

Recognizing the importance of helping customers build and preserve their wealth, Fulton Financial Corporation offers comprehensive wealth management services through Fulton Bank’s Wealth Management Division.

These services encompass investment management, trust and estate planning, retirement planning, and private banking. By leveraging their expertise and a deep understanding of their client’s unique needs, Fulton Bank’s Wealth Management Division provides tailored solutions to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals.

3. Insurance Services:

Fulton Financial Corporation understands the significance of financial security and offers a range of insurance products through Fulton Insurance Services, Inc. Customers can benefit from various coverage options, including personal insurance such as automobile,

home, and life insurance, as well as commercial insurance tailored for businesses. Fulton Insurance Services works closely with clients to identify the most suitable coverage options, ensuring they are adequately protected against unforeseen risks.

4. Investment Services:

Fulton Financial Corporation’s subsidiary, Fulton Financial Advisors, provides investment services through Fulton Bank. Their team of experienced financial advisors help clients navigate the complexities of investment planning.

Benefits include retirement, trust services, portfolio management, and educational fund planning. Fulton Financial Advisors aims to provide personalized investment advice aligned with their client’s unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Community Impact:

Fulton Financial Corporation remains deeply committed to positively impacting the communities it serves. Through its Fulton Forward initiative, the corporation addresses the needs and challenges individuals and organizations face within their communities.

The objective is to enhance the overall quality of life by investing in education, housing, economic development, and the arts.

1. Educational Support:

Fulton Financial Corporation believes in the power of education and its ability to shape young minds. The Fulton Forward initiative aims to provide educational support through various programs and partnerships. These initiatives include funding scholarships, supporting academic programs, and promoting financial literacy to equip individuals with the necessary tools for a successful future.

2. Affordable Housing:

Recognizing the importance of establishing stable communities, Fulton Financial Corporation supports affordable housing initiatives. By collaborating with local housing agencies, the corporation strives to enhance the availability of safe and affordable housing to individuals and families within their communities.

3. Economic Development:

To promote sustainable economic growth, Fulton Financial Corporation aids in the development of local businesses and startups. Through financial support and tailored services, the corporation provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to establish and expand their businesses, ultimately contributing to the overall economic health of the communities they serve.

4. Arts and Culture:

Fulton Financial Corporation believes in the transformative power of the arts. Through partnerships with local cultural organizations, the corporation helps to foster creativity, enrich cultural experiences, and provide exposure to diverse artistic expressions within the community. By supporting the arts, Fulton Financial Corporation aims to create vibrant communities where culture thrives.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporation Name Fulton Financial Corporation
Commitment Conducting business socially responsibly
Sustainability Focus Emphasis on environmental sustainability
Initiatives – Recycling programs
– Energy-efficient initiatives
– Responsible waste management strategies
Implementation Measures are implemented across its operations

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

Fulton Financial Corporation recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion. The corporation believes embracing and respecting individual differences yields a more vibrant and innovative work environment. By promoting diversity and inclusion, Fulton Financial Corporation aims to foster equality and create opportunities for all employees to thrive.

A well-deserved reputation as a trusted economic assistance provider

Fulton Financial Corporation has built a well-deserved reputation as a trusted economic assistance provider with a strong focus on community empowerment. Fulton Financial Corporation exemplifies the importance of responsible corporate citizenship through its diverse financial offerings, commitment to sustainable growth, and dedication to supporting local communities.

As the corporation continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its customers, its commitment to empowering communities remains unwavering.

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